threat detection

High-performance protection that you can trust - leaves no transaction unchecked.

Intercept malicious transactions instantly

Keep ahead of security concerns to ensure application security.

Live Surveillance

Distinctive ability to recognize suspicious activity within milliseconds.

Adjustable Threat Identification

Custom detectors providing comprehensive protection for unique security needs.

Proven Accuracy

Successfully verified solution, demonstrating unparalleled accuracy.

Precision Security

Connect to high-accuracy security operators built specifically for rollups.

Actionable Alerts

Serve as triggers for your internal playbooks and processes, ensuring that your rollup operates securely.

Customized and Modular

Connect to operators that combine standard detection algorithms with customizable options.

A Web of Detectors Surrounding Smart Contracts

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SDK for Custom Detection

Developer-focused platform offers a streamlined avenue for you to create custom-fit detection parameters.

In-Depth Event Analysis

Enables detailed Analysis of each monitored event, offering insights into its causes and implications.

Synergistic Security Solution

Supporting the Firewall, Threat Detection doesn’t operate alone, but collaborates to create exponentially safer conditions.

How It Works

Seamless Integration

The Firewall blends into your smart contracts effortlessly without imposing any changes on your code.

Continuous Monitoring

Keep a watchful eye over all of your contracts with ongoing monitoring and threat detection.

Easy Deployment

Fully protect your smart contracts from security threats in just a few simple steps.


Ironblocks Plans:
Tailored Security Solutions

Choose your plan for next-level security.

The Security Sampler

An introductory option for anyone looking to explore what Ironblocks has to offer.


Perfect for developers and innovators that want to safely test their blockchain projects.
$0 /mo
Basic package
No add-ons

The Security Foundation

A balanced option that offers solid security for growing blockchain projects.

$ 1289 /month

Ideal for those seeking reliable protection at an economical price point.
2,000 Credits
Add-ons available

The Comprehensive Security Suite

Our most extensive plan, providing comprehensive security tailored to your organization's specific needs.

$ Custom /month

Tailored Security Solutions.
Dedicated Support and Consultation.
Custom Integration and Scalability.
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Integration Steps

Every smart contract deserves a champion—even a memecoin minter.
Ironblocks’ Firewall: where raw protective power meets ease of use.

Step 1 - Add Address

Specify the address you wish to monitor
or select from our list.

Step 2 - Select Detectors

Choose from pre-existing detectors or create custom ones using our SDK.

Step 3 - Set Action

Determine your trigger responses, for web-hooks or alerts to stay informed and react fast.

Detector Types

Learn more about the specific detectors that Ironblocks deploys to protect your project.

Open Door

This set of detectors identifies suspicious functions that others might implement into your smart contracts. These functions are typically used as a “back door” mechanism that allows bad actors to extract funds from them.

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Anchor Z

Anchor Z is Ironblock's flagship detector, monitoring both simple, classic hacks as well as the most sophisticated exploits. The Anchor Z detection system can easily identify reentrancy, flash-loans, balance changes, and many more potential hacking strategies.

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Malicious Admin

These detectors are built to find and monitor withdrawals made by one or multiple protocol admins. Among other functions, this detector set can spot private key compromises, suspicious balance changes, and more.

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Custom Detector

Ironblocks’ SDK platform provides a dockerized solution enabling users to create and integrate their own custom detectors and response mechanisms. By leveraging this powerful tool, DeFi projects can ensure their smart contracts are protected against the most recent hack verticals through a fast, secure, and seamless building procedure.

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Asymmetric Balance

This set of detectors is typically used to monitor and protect bridges, triggering when a peer-to-peer balance becomes unequivalent.

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